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Cheap Flights from Copenhagen Kastrup to Vilnius

Flights from Copenhagen Kastrup to Vilnius

Flights from Copenhagen Kastrup to Vilnius are operated by 6 airliners – SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Continental Airlines, Cimber Air, Air Baltic, Cimber Sterling and airBaltic. The most popular are provided by SAS Scandinavian Airlines. They operate around 1 flight a day departing from Kastrup and arriving at Vilnius. In the morning there is 4 flights, 0 flights in the evening and 2 flights at night with the earliest departuare at 00:15 and latest departure at 20:55. Please be aware that flight times and the number of flights will vary between summer and winter months. The most common flight number for this flight is SK 1742, SK 742 and SK 744.

Other airliners offer less frequent flights but departure times may be more desirable. Continental Airlines offers 1 flight a day from Kastrup to Vilnius between the hours of 00:15 and 00:17. The flight number for this flight is CO 8369.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight prices from Kastrup to Vilnius can be found at

Below you find a list of all the airliners that operate flights from Copenhagen Kastrup to Vilnius and how many flights depart on a per day basis.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines2121000
Continental Airlines0101000
Cimber Sterling1000000
Cimber Air0010000
Air Baltic0010000

You will find alternative routes from Copenhagen Kastrup to Vilnius that require 1 or more stops. On some occassions the timing may be more convenient or a quicker route. The table below shows some of the alternative route that are possible.

RouteStopsTotal Distance
Copenhagen Kastrup > Vilnius0840 Km (522 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Frankfurt > Vilnius11,995 Km (1,240 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Riga > Vilnius11,550 Km (963 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Amsterdam Schiphol > Vilnius12,085 Km (1,296 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Tallinn Ulemiste > Vilnius12,115 Km (1,314 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Stansted > Vilnius12,695 Km (1,675 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Warsaw > Vilnius11,100 Km (684 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Gatwick > Vilnius12,825 Km (1,755 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Paris Charles De Gaulle > Vilnius13,215 Km (1,998 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Dublin > Vilnius13,410 Km (2,119 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Vantaa > Vilnius13,485 Km (2,165 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Rome Fiumicino > Vilnius13,375 Km (2,097 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Vienna Schwechat International > Vilnius11,885 Km (1,171 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Kiev Borispol > Vilnius12,030 Km (1,261 Miles)
Copenhagen Kastrup > Brussels > Vilnius12,290 Km (1,423 Miles)

Return flight are operated by 5 airliners which include SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Continental Airlines, Cimber Air, Malev Hungarian Airlines and Air Baltic. More information on return flights can be found on our Flights from Vilnius to Copenhagen Kastrup page.

Alternative routes to Vilnius

As a substitute, you will discover that Sturup also give flights to Vilnius which could be more fitting for you. Sturup has around 2 flights a week though you will find the number of flights vary from month to month so check with the airline currier for the most up to date information.

If you wish to look at this alternative solution then remember Malmo is around 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Copenhagen Kastrup. Choosing this root would probably require you look at alternative travel arrangement or look at alternative airport parking where costs could vary from airport parking provided at Copenhagen Kastrup. More information can be found at Flights from Malmo to Vilnius. Flights to Vilnius are also available from Halmstad; 1 flight a day depart from the airport.

RouteStopsTotal Distance
Malmo > Warsaw > Vilnius11,020 Km (634 Miles)
Halmstad > Stockholm Arlanda > Vilnius11,155 Km (718 Miles)
Kristianstad > Stockholm Arlanda > Vilnius11,185 Km (736 Miles)
Angelholm Helsingborg > Stockholm Arlanda > Vilnius11,190 Km (739 Miles)
Malmo > Stockholm Arlanda > Vilnius11,245 Km (774 Miles)

Arriving at Vilnius

Hiring a car at Vilnius can be expensive if you book on arrival so we would recommend booking in advanced. Car hire is generally cheaper to pre book and you can find some of the best deals on our Cheap Car Hire Vilnius page. If you are being collected then they can made use of our Vilnius Airport Arrivals page which provides upto the minute information on your flights status.

When you arrive at Vilnius keep in mind that the time zone is not the same as Copenhagen Kastrup. Vilnius is GMT +2.0 compared to GMT +1.0 at Copenhagen Kastrup.

On leaving Vilnius Airport airport you will discover getting to your destination to be fairly easy. Vilnius Airport is situated around 4 miles (7 kilometers) from the center of Vilnius where a lot people will be heading. With a population of around 542,400 you will find plenty of hostels and hotel if you require accommodation in Vilnius.