Cheap Flights from Port Blair to Bangalore

Currently no airliners are offering direct flights from Port Blair to Bangalore. Should you wish to travel from Port Blair to Bangalore, 1 or more stops will be required.

Flight Routes

Do you need to get travel fast? You will find alternative routes from Port Blair to Bangalore that require 1 or more stops and in some instances the timing may be more convenient or a quicker route. View the table below to see alternative route that are possible.

Total Distance
Weekly Flights
1,710 Km (1,063 Miles)
Port Blair > Kolkata > Bangalore
2,980 Km (1,852 Miles)

Arriving at Bangalore

If a friend or relative is collecting you at Bangalore then make sure they visit our Bangalore Airport Arrivals page that gives all needed about the flight arrival; planning the trip can useful should there a delay. Alternatively, if you choose to hire a car then visit our page which will give you the cheapest car hire quote from all companies based at Bangalore.

On arriving at Bangalore allow for the difference in the time zone. Bangalore is GMT +5.5 compared to GMT -5.5 at Port Blair.

Bangalore city center is located about 3 km (2 miles) from Bangalore International Airport Airport. If you intended route is into the city then you should find a number of taxis and alternative transport at Bangalore International Airport Airport which will make you gurney into the city quite easy. With the number of inhabitants more than 4,931,200 you should find plenty of hostels and hotel if you are searching for accommodation.