Cheap Flights from Praslin Island to Mahe Island

Flights from Praslin Island to Mahe Island are operated by Air Seychelles. Air Seychelles operate 6 flights a day with times varying during the day but the earliest flight is scheduled the depart around 00:30 and the last flight scheduled around 20:45. Please be aware that times will vary between summer and winter months. The most common flight number for this flight is HM 3071, HM 3073, HM 3075, HM 3087, HM 3091, HM 3093, HM 3097, HM 3101, HM 3105, HM 3107, HM 3111, HM 3113, HM 3117, HM 3125, HM 3131, HM 3163, HM 3173, HM 3183, HM 3193, HM 3195, HM 3203, HM 3205 and HM 3207.

Air Seychelles flight prices from Praslin Island to Seychelles International Airport can be found at

Daily Flights

Below you find a list of all the airliners that operate flights from Praslin Island to Mahe Island and how many flights depart on a per day basis.

Air Seychelles

Flight Routes

Do you need to get travel fast? You will find alternative routes from Praslin Island to Mahe Island that require 1 or more stops and in some instances the timing may be more convenient or a quicker route. View the table below to see alternative route that are possible.

Total Distance
Weekly Flights
Praslin Island > Mahe Island
50 Km (31 Miles)

Return flight are operated by 1 airliner which include Air Seychelles. More information on return flights can be found on our Flights from Mahe Island to Praslin Island page.

Arriving at Mahe Island

Should you require a car at Mahe Island we recommend booking in advanced. Car hire is generally cheaper to pre book and you can find some of the best deals on our page. If you are being collected then they can made use of our Mahe Island Airport Arrivals page which provides live information of your flight.

The time zone at Mahe Island is the same as Praslin Island so there is no need to set your watch.

Getting to your destination from Seychelles International Airport Airport should be reasonably easy and quick. Seychelles International Airport Airport is near by the center of Mahe Island where a lot of people are intended to travel to. Most airports generally have a number of transport methods situated at the airport so this gurney should be quick and simple. If you are looking for accommodation then there should be sufficient accommodation available even though Mahe Island is a relatively small city with a population of around 0.